Financial Planning

Financial planning is at the forefront of everything we do. We place importance on getting a clear understanding of each client’s requirements and expectations. We then tailor our financial planning to suit your goals and aspirations. Our process consists of the following steps:

  • Client Onboarding
    • Discovery Meeting: The first meeting with our clients is key to the rest of the financial planning process. It helps us understand your financial situation and your motivation for seeking out help, which in turn will help us pick out solutions that are best suited to you.
    • Need Identification: Once we have an idea of what your position is we will work with you to identify what are your financial needs, goals and requirements.
    • Prioritization of Needs: When we know what your needs and requirements are, then we can prioritize them according to the time in which you would require to achieve them and the urgency of your goals and other priorities in life.
    • Recommendations: After we have worked together to identify your goals and prioritise them, then we are in a position to make recommendations that will be completely tailor made for you.
  • Ongoing Review and Problem Solving

    Once we define the approach that is best for achieving your goals, the next step would be implementing them to begin to actualise those goals. The process doesn’t end with the implementation though, we continuously review the solutions we’ve planned and check their efficiency.

  • Meetings and Reviews

    While we will continuously monitor your investments we would like to keep you in the loop so that you are involved in the process as well. These meetings will help you take stock of how your investments are working and then could decide whether you would like anything to be revised or changed.

  • Constant Planning and Evolution

    Your life constantly changes and along with so will your needs and goals. This would mean that we would also need to continuously change and modify the approach to managing your wealth so that it reflects the changes in your life.


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