When Trump Tweets, The World Trades!

he social-networking platform Twitter has revolutionised the way in which individuals interact with one another. Through the distribution of content via a 280-character micro-blog (known as a “tweet”), users can report news items, advertise their wares or simply poke fun at the controversial issue of the day. In the United States, Twitter has exploded in popularity among political figures. It has become a necessary part of public life, with the sitting president and nearly every member of Congress actively participating. Many attribute its ascent within the political arena to be a product of former President Barack Obama’s groundbreaking use during his administration.

Every time current US president, Donald Trump, tweets, it has an impact on the international market. An untimely tweet or offhand comment may have a large impact upon intraday volatilities facing futures, equities or Forex markets. As a general rule, financial markets are not receptive to surprises and uncertainty – however, Twitter has the ability to supply both, periodically spiking short-term volatilities facing a wide variety of openly traded financial instruments.

Trump’s impact on the market was on full display earlier this year when even powerhouse, Amazon’s shares went down by 5.1% at one point in time. It is because of the jaw-dropping speed at which certain stock moves in response to Trump’s tweets that some sophisticated traders are using an algorithm that instantly captures Trump’s Twitter remarks and then immediately buy or sell the affected stocks. Others have opted to ride it out as the trend seems to be that the market value amost always recovers – often within the trading day.

So the moral of this story is…Beware presidents bearing tweets